Meet the Authors!

Robin Robinson is a Master Gardener and President of the Key West Garden Club. She writes a weekly column in the Key West Citizen on horticulture, which appears every Sunday in the Home Section. Informative articles, both witty and scientific, explore the unique flora of the Florida Keys. She provides explicitly intriguing details about the secret lives of trees, shrubs and vines along with copious photographs. She has a vivid writing style, which provides jolly reading that is entertaining as well as enlightening. Previously a columnist for the Chicago Daily News, she has written for the Citizen for nine years, never running out of locally grown plants.

 Born and raised in central Connecticut, Jack Terry attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts before doing what most people in his family had done before him: hightailed it to San Francisco. That began a lifestyle lasting more than 20 years which has seen Jack live and work in various places across the country, the whole time paying his bills by saying “shaken or stirred?” Exploring issues of loss, redemption and love, Jack is not afraid to push the boundaries of traditional fiction, just a little bit, to create a world that looks just enough like the one the reader is familiar with that the differences, when they appear, do not come with a sudden surprise but rather slip silently through the side door.